By way of introduction, you’ll be asked to pick a specialization from the list below. Each specialization has additional objectives that are added to the requirements for raids and PvE. Look through the list, decide what kind of character you want to play, and download the character sheet for that class.


Warriors are a well-rounded offensive specialization. They are hard workers, and never afraid to voice an opinion. In fact, warriors frequently jump into the fray without being as well-prepared as they need to be, relying on their talents to make up the difference. Choose this specialization if you are the kind of person who takes a position and defends it, or who believes the best defense is a good offense. 

This also characterizes the way that warriors tap into the magic of rhetoricae. Rather than using magic for knowledge, or for influence, warriors tend toward using magic for offense and defense in battle, as a way of supplementing their physical strength.

Warriors have the unique moves “Berserker,” which leads them to discuss hot-button issues—as part of the requirement for PvE and Raids, warriors should choose current, possibly controversial topics. Warriors also have the move “Second Wind,” which grants them a higher word count on Raids and PvEs.

Click here for Warrior character sheets and creation instructions.


Words and music have power, and bards focus on channeling that power to achieve their own ends. Frequently, bards act as support for other specializations, but that doesn’t mean a bard is incapable of adventure on their own. In fact, bards find themselves drawn into adventure, again and again, always seeking new experiences. Does that sound like you?

Instead of power, bards seek to use the magic of rhetoricae to express themselves. Bards are creative and flexible. This can come across as music, art, even words themselves. A focus on craft and perfecting it sets bards apart. 

The Bard’s first unique move is “Bardic Inspiration,” which adds the necessity of an emotional or resonant topic to raid and PvE requirements. Bards should be connected to their work. Additionally, Bards begin the game with the ability “Expertise,” which adds a creative component to Raid and PvE requirements—Bards should use their unique talents to add their own twist to projects. 

Click here for Bard character sheets and creation instructions.


The ranger is perhaps even more well-rounded than the warrior. Where the warrior depends on talent to get them out of situations, the ranger studies a situation and makes a plan before jumping into the thick of it. Rangers focus on logic, and seek out truth above all else. They use the magic of the rhetoricae accordingly, attuning to what already exists rather than trying to shape it to their will. 

If you prefer to make a plan before leaping into action, or if you listen to facts and formulate an opinion based on that, then this is your specialization. 

Rangers have the unique ability “Natural Explorer,” which draws them toward topics based on locations and places—moreso to places unfamiliar to them—as well as the ability “Favoritism,” which increases the requirement for outside sources in raids and PvE by 1. 

For Ranger character sheets and creation instructions, click here. 


Mages are a complex specialization. Unlike other specializations, Mages can be quick to act and emotional or logical and devoid of feeling. The most common feature of the mage is the use of the arcane. Whether they display a natural talent for it (the warlock) or they have spent time studying the arcane to tap into its power (the wizard), the mage is imaginative and thinks big picture. 

Though the mage is traditionally thought of as a support class, one can’t discount the ability of a properly prepared mage to wreak havoc. 

Mages begin the game with the ability “Arcane Tradition” which adds a technological requirement to raids and PvEs—these projects must feature some aspect of technology usage beyond the baseline requirements—and “Tricks of the Trade,” which says that mages are drawn to tech-centric topics. 

Mage character sheets and creation instructions can be found here.