Side Quests

Labor Logs

Labor Logs are extra entries in your adventure logs where you discuss the labor you’ve put into completing class assignments. This could be the effort you’ve put into completing a raid, or the day-to-day labor of just keeping up with assignments. It could also be the labor you’re putting into learning how the game works. This is your space to pull back the curtain and show me what kind of effort goes on behind the scenes that maybe gets lost in the shuffle or goes unseen when you turn in an assignment

5 XP each, up to 30 points for the semester.

Self-Care Logs

As much as I’d like to think that my class is unique, that it’s not as stressful as other classes, it’s still a college class. So as part of your homework each two weeks, I’d like to see you taking time to take care of yourself. Do some self-care. Go check out the new Barnes Center at the Arch. Play a game. Spend some time outside. Do something to feed your soul. And then tell me about it.

5 XP ea.