Raids are high-stakes challenges that require, in some shape, the support of your entire guild. Whether everyone composes one document (Raid #3) or the guild is just there to share talents (Raid #1), you will be working closely with the other members of your group in each of these raids.

Raid #1: MyStory

Here at the College of the Arcane, we will break you down to reveal your relationship to the ancient magics of the Rhetoricae. Or rather, you will tear yourself down. Only then can you begin to tap into the power that surrounds you at every moment.

The MyStory is a composition genre first created by Gregory L. Ulmer. The goal of the MyStory is to find your relationships to culture overall by tracing one’s relationship to four different areas of discourse: family, career, community (or school), and entertainment. We work bottom up, by providing examples of the impact each of these different registers/aspects has had in our lives, and from there draw a broad conclusion of ourselves that these examples might support. (You can see some examples here).

For this raid, you’ll be building a website (using an editor like Wix or Weebly, unless you’re extremely skilled at web development) to house your MyStory. For each register listed above, you should have 2-3 vignettes, detailing specific memories or events that you feel have shaped who you are. This is not meant to one coherent narrative, but rather an exploration of images. Be sure to include as many images as possible.

Additionally, your site should include a “wide image,” or the image you believe represents your MyStory as a whole, and an explanation of why, after exploring everything you’ve explored during the process of composing your MyStory, you believe this to be your defining image.

You may work with your guild in creating your site, but the site, images, and text should all be yours. Each person in the guild should submit their own MyStory.

Challenges: For this raid, to earn extra points beyond the base XP, Mages must do something more creative than putting images and words on their website. Find some way to make it shine. How exactly is up to you. Additionally, Rangers operate without their “Favoritism” ability—meaning no outside sources for this project.

Submissions for the MyStory are open September 26—October 3.

Raid #2: Rhetoricae Wiki

This spellbook is your life. Care for it. Learn from it. Use it to pass on what you’ve learned when the time comes. But none of that can happen if you don’t fill it out.”

Part of the class is getting up to speed in learning to write for diverse audiences. And there are many audiences in Academia. To learn how to address each one would take more time than you have. So instead, I’ll be teaching you to adapt to different situations. We’ll be learning the rules of engaging with the world. In other words, we’ll be learning about rhetoric.

To help you and your fellow players keep track of everything, during the first half of the course, we’ll be collaboratively building a Wiki on Blackboard. Each guild will have a specific area of rhetoric to explore and report on, to teach to other guilds and to other players in their own guilds, depending on divisions of labor.

The goal in this is to write and compose in a clear enough manner that you’re able to communicate the how, what, and why of any terms of rhetoric that we may talk about in the class.

Submissions for this raid are open through October 24.

Raid #3: Public Argument

This raid is a bit different than the others. There are three parts. Each of you will be asked to complete a slightly longer (1000 word) researched argument, written as if for an op-ed in a reputable publication. This piece should still be formatted according to MLA or APA standards, BUT your guild must ALL use the same citation style.

Additionally, each group will be asked to synthesize their individual arguments into one main public argument, in favor of enacting a policy. The individual papers should examine this in detail from multiple sides, so you will have to work with your group to choose topics. As a group, you will be creating:
• 3-5 individual papers ( 1 per person)
• A public presentation/address to convey your group’s argument.
• A multimodal text of your choosing to convey your argument (OR, 3 argumentative artifacts in a modality BESIDES text). These should be presented in class on Nov. 21. This might be a website, a presentation, a video, etc.

Your guild will be asked to present on November 21. Submissions for papers will close on December 5. Submissions for the multimodal will close December 10