Note: All assignments should be submitted through the class’s Blackboard page.

There are three Player-vs-Environment challenges spread across the semester.

For each of the following assignments, you’ll be given the opportunity to reflect upon the topic provided. Each assignment description below gives a broad framework for what each challenge entails and the topic for that challenge. The topics for challenges, or the assignment requirements, may change for each specialization. These changes are noted in the assignment description.

PvE #1: Literacy Narratives

You have arrived at the college of the arcane. Your first goal is to trace your past relationship with the arcane.

The traditional literacy narrative follows the trajectory of the printed word. What is your relationship with the word? What role has the written word played in your life? Look to your past to find what has shaped the way you think about writing (and reading).

But this is only one kind of literacy. There are different kinds. Technological literacy asks these questions of one’s skill with computers and technology. Workplace literacy involves one’s relationship with communication in professional settings. Academic literacy (technically the focus of this class) deals with the written word as it works in school and other academic settings.

Your task, should you choose to accept it (or not), is to tell the story of your relationship to the word. Remember, the goal is to tell a story. Don’t just answer the questions, make them flow. Give them meaning. Weave a coherent narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.

The baseline for this assignment is to write a 500 word narrative of your relationship with the word in one of the above contexts. Remember that each specialization has specific requirements, outline in your specialization’s description.

Submissions for this PvE challenge will be open from September 3—September 10.

PvE #2: Genre Analysis

“The ancient tomes offer inspiration for even the most capable magic-user, but only if one understands how to read them. They don’t relinquish their secrets easily.”

This assignments gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into one of the genres of communication that you encounter frequently at the college of the arcane in your time at University. To that end, I would like you to choose a syllabus from one of your other classes, or a generic syllabus, for analysis.

Using the tools of analysis we discuss in class, go through the syllabus with a fine toothed comb. Analyze every choice made in the syllabus’s construction—font choice, document design, the rhetoric of the written portions of the syllabus. What makes this work as a syllabus? Then, discover what expectations an audience might have of a syllabus if they were coming to class. Is this a good example of a syllabus? Do you have another one you could compare it to? What makes this work as a syllabus.

You should use an outside source to help you understand the nature of syllabus design. Be sure to cite it in MLA or APA format.

The baseline for this assignment is 500 written words. You should include the syllabus with your submission, but avoid using any identifying information if at all possible (mark out the instructor’s name and information, avoid referencing them by name, etc). While the topic selection trait of each class will not apply to this assignment, you should apply any other specialization traits.

[accordion][accordion-item title=”SPOILER: THE TWIST. CLICK TO REVEAL”]Rangers have their “Favoritism” trait disabled for this challenge. Your challenge is to complete this with only one outside source.

Similarly, Warriors will not be able to use their “Second Wind” trait here. Your word count is the same as everyone else’s.
[/accordion-item] [/accordion]

Submissions for this challenge are open October 15—October 22

PvE #3: #Syllabus

True mastery doesn’t merely come from doing things, in my book. Any human that makes a deal with a demon or whatever half-godlike-entity can do a magic trick. No, the real sign of mastery is being able to teach someone else how to do that same trick.

To get a feel for this challenge, you should pay a visit to the #Syllabus Project. Here, you’ll find hosted a wide variety of syllabi on hot-button issues. Your goal is to create a syllabus, following the standards you spelled out in the previous PvE, to teach someone about the topic you’ll be arguing about in your final raid. You should include 3-5 sources you are familiar with in-depth at minimum, but can reference others.

This PvE challenge is a bit different than the others, in that you’ll have to decide on a topic for the raid with your guild before putting together your syllabus. Additionally, you should put together a brief piece of writing (250-300 words) that describes what the sources are about and why you chose to arrange them the way you did in this imagined class.

[accordion][accordion-item title=”SPOILER: THE TWIST. CLICK TO REVEAL”]Bards, I’d like you to keep your emotions out of this one. Be as creative as you want, but your “Bardic Inspiration” ability is out of play for this challenge.

And Wizards, I know you can do stuff with technology, but for this one, I want you to do something old fashioned: make me a printable syllabus. No fancy hyperlinks or anything like that. “Arcane Tradition” is off the table.[/accordion-item][/accordion]

Submissions for this challenge are open November 5—November 12.