Low-Stakes Quests

Adventure Log

The adventure log is your place to keep all of your thoughts for the semester. There are specific prompts I’d like you to think about, but feel free to write about anything above and beyond (and yes, that counts as a side-quest, and yes, it will earn you extra XP).

Your adventure log should be in a format that can be easily handed in, whether it is in physical or virtual form. I would like for you to do more than just write in this log, but to consider it a place to keep any kind of inspiration, or anything you might find helpful as you journey through the class.

Most of the entries you make in your adventure log will be responses to readings for the class. For these, I’d like you to write about the experience of reading, what thoughts the pieces sparked in you, and what your takeaways are when reading. Additionally, if there are two readings on any given day, your adventure log entry for the day should try to synthesize the two pieces and establish how they speak to each other.

The other main type of entry is session notes. Every time we have a role-play session in class, I’ll ask you to take notes and write up what happened that day as a summary in your adventure log.

Every other week, I’d also like you to do a self-care log.

I will check these 3-4 times over the course of the semester, and award XP for each completed entry.

Random Encounters

Random encounters are the day-to-day work of the class. These are not planned in advance, and often act as a kind of a checkpoint or a way for me to know how you’re doing with the material that we’ve been covering. These will frequently tie into the narratives of our role-playing sessions.

I will post them to the website as we go through the year. You can find the running list of encounters here.


This is a count of the times you participated in the class in some way. If it doesn’t fit in any other category, I’ll award points for class participation as initiative.