Practices of Academic Writing

In “Practices of Academic Writing”, we will explore literacy and its relationship to cultures and communities, identities and ideologies, and technologies and media. Where do good ideas come from? How do you present yourself in your writing? How do the ways we read and write impact our notion of identity? We will explore all of these ideas over the course of this class. Writing will serve as a subject of inquiry and as the primary activity in the class. You will write, revise, and edit across multiple genres and media. You will engage critically with the voices of those around you, and create texts that synthesize these views with your own. 

Much of the work of this class will take place as a kind of “game,” specifically a role-playing game. The lessons and practices are integrated into this game. As you become more literate in the game, you become more literate in the rhetorical practices we’re exploring in the class as a whole, and vice versa. Like any game, you’ll create an avatar to help navigate the world. Throughout the semester, we will weave back and forth between your identity in the real world and your avatar’s identity, and you’ll have opportunities to write in both voices.

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